নগাওঁ পৌৰ সভা, নগাওঁ, অসম

Administrative Setup

Nagaon Municipal Board is headed by the Chairman who is the head of administration and presides over the meetings of the Board. He is assisted by one Vice-Chairman and 26 Ward Commissioners who are elected representatives representing the 26 wards. The Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) who is generally from the government administration is the executive head who oversees and administers the plan and execution of the various activities of the board.

Under the Executive Officer, the technical issues are overseen by the Assistant Executive Engineer and under him are the Assistant Engineers (ward-wise), Junior Engineers, Sanitary Inspectors, the Excavator Operators, drivers and general safai workers and sweepers.

The Head Assistant heads the office staff and looks after the various official records, activities and functions of the board. Under him there are the staff members who carry out various clerical and administrative functions, who report to him. The staff members comprises of the Accountant, the upper division (UD) assistants, the lower division (LD) assistants, fixed pay employees and Grade–IV employees.