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About Nagaon Municipal Board

Nagaon Municipal Board was established on 01/01/1894 after a permission Letter No. 9019, dated 06/12/1893 was awarded to Nagaon Town by the Government of Assam to establish a municipal board for providing the basic civic facilities to the inhabitants of this rapidly growing town. The municipal board was established and run in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Assam Municipal Act of 1956 and subsidiary rules framed there under by the Government from time to time. It is the oldest of the two municipalities of the district, the other one being the Dhing Municipal Board.

The chairman is the head of the administration and presides over the meetings of the Board. The board consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and 26 Ward Commissioners who are elected representatives of the 26 wards of the town. The Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) oversees and administers the plan and execution of the various day-to-day activities of the board.

At present the Nagaon Municipal Board consists of 26 nos. of wards with a population of 1,17,722 nos. (approx. as per 2011 census) with 59,651 nos male and 58,071 nos. female inhabitants. The density of population is 12,769 persons/sq. kms with population growth of 0.93% and literacy rate being 89.15%. The area covered by the Nagaon Municipal Board is 9.22 square kms with total road length of 125 kms (approx) and drain length of 110 kms (approx). The slum population is 10,804 which is 9.17% of the total population.

The Board is entrusted with the maintenance of roads and drainage system, street light, medical and public Health facilities and providing water supply in collaboration with PHED to the inhabitants of Nagaon town. Besides, it has also established and maintains some recreation parks, libraries, community halls and arranges the facilities for functioning of public market areas etc. It also maintains a sanitary branch to ensure proper hygienic conditions in the town and performs necessary activities related to sewerage management and solid waste management. Towards this end the board is engaged in door-to-door collection and disposal of garbage. The board is also engaged in slum improvement and among other activities has established community toilets.

The solid waste generated stands at 39 TPD with an average collection of 33 TPD by Nagaon Municipal Board. 85% of total households are covered by door-to-door collection of garbage.

The Municipality has various sources of revenue and also receives annual grants from the Government. It levies taxes on holdings, rickshaws, carts, cycles, stalls, open spaces, markets, cinema houses besides receiving taxes on houses, land, water and sanitation.