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Nagaon Municipal Board was established in the year 1984 as the designated Urban Local body (ULB) with the objective of providing the basic civic amenities to the inhabitants of Nagaon Town. For the ease of administration and service delivery the town has been divided into 26 wards each of which is represented by its respective ward commissioner. Nagaon Municipal Board has been dedicatedly providing various services for the benefit of the citizens of the town augmented by valuable financial assistance from the Central and State Governments. The services provided by the board include the following-

1. Street Lights –

Street lights have been installed by Nagaon Municipal Board in most of the major streets and bye lanes of Nagaon Town. The Board also undertakes the day-to-day lighting (switch on & switch off) operation and maintenance of these street lights at its own expense for the benefit of the citizens of the town. As the town has seen rapid expansion, new areas have been come under street-lights from time to time.

2. Fogging Operation –

With the concern for maintenance of pubic health, Nagaon Municipal Board undertakes fogging operations from time to time. Especially during the monsoon season and when the threat of mosquito borne diseases like malaria & dengue are prominent, fogging operations are undertaken in various areas of the town.

3. Cleaning of Roads –

Cleaning of roads is a major activity which is undertaken daily by a dedicated team of workers assigned by the Board. In addition to brooming and manual cleaning of garbage from various localities of the town, various machinery and equipment like excavators, trucks and dumpers are pressed into action for collection and disposal of garbage.

4. Repairing of Roads –

Nagaon Municipal Board has been instrumental in periodic repair of roads in the various wards of the town. Improvement of the road network as necessary from time to time are undertaken with active collaboration with the PWD department. Recently, interlocking concrete paver blocks have been used for repair operations in a number of roads for their advantages of long durability and performance. The Central and State Government schemes have largely helped in providing this valuable service.

5. Cleaning of Drains –

Unclogging and cleaning of drains is another major exercise undertaken regularly by a dedicated team of workers assigned by the Board. Unclean drains lead to loss of active capacity for carrying of waste water and could result in flash floods especially during the rainy season. Blocked drains also act as a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies in addition to being a health hazard. Nagaon Municipal Board has dedicatedly worked towards providing this very essential service for the benefit of the people.

6. Door-to-Door Garbage Collection –

Under the Clean Nagaon Green Nagaon Mission, Nagaon Municipal Board has started door-to-door garbage collection operations in various wards of the town. A non-government-organisation (NGO) has been entrusted to provide this important service to the people on behalf of the Board. People are requested to kindly deliver their house-hold garbage to the service delivery persons when they visit your home for garbage collection.

7. Providing Dustbins –

In addition to door-to-door garbage collection, road-side dustbins are installed in various localities of the town. Nagaon Municipal Board engages its workers for daily clearance of the dustbins. The Board has time and again educated people against use of polythene bags and requested people not to litter the streets and kindly use the dustbins for disposal of their waste items.

8. Repairing of Drains –

Construction, augmentation and repair of drains is another major service provided by Nagaon Municipal Board. The drain network forms an essential infrastructure of any place which if not maintained properly would render the area unhygienic and uninhabitable. Most of the old drains have been phase-wise converted to pucca drains, open drains have been covered, new culverts have been constructed and necessary augmentation and renovation of drains have time and again been undertaken as per requirement. The Central and State Government schemes have provided the necessary financial assistance for active delivery of this valuable service.

9. Disposal of Unclaimed Dead Bodies –

Nagaon Municipal Board has also taken responsibility and provides for disposal of unclaimed dead bodies. Unclaimed dead bodies at various places like hospitals and morgues are disposed off by the Board after all necessary formalities.

10. Water Supply –

For the benefit of the people of Nagaon, supply of piped water to households is provided by Nagaon Municipal Board in collaboration with Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). Nagaon Municipal Board also levies water tax in areas covered by piped water supply.

11. Establishment & Management of Market Areas –

Nagaon Municipal Board has been instrumental in establishment, management and development of various market places in Nagaon town area. Presently the major markets include the Bara Bazar, the Haibargaon Bazar, the IDSMT Market at Haibargaon, Amolapatty Bazar, Haladhar Bhuyan Bazar, the I.T.I. Market and the Nagaon Wholesale Vegetable Market. The markets spaces are either rented or leased out to the tenants or lesses for selling of market commodities.

12. Management of Recreation Parks & Green Spaces–

Nagaon Municipal Board has been instrumental in management of recreation parks and green spaces in and around the town. Along with the parks a number of monuments and relics are also under the active maintenance of the Board. Among all, mention may be made of the following places -

  • Pranab Barua Children Park, Nehrubali
  • Marar Park
  • Mahendra Nath Deka Phukan Park
  • Jayanta Hazarika Park
  • Sarada Kanta Bordoloi Park
  • Tarique Uddin Ahmed Park.
  • Chandra Phukan Park
  • Gopinath Bordoloi Park
  • Pratap Sarma Park, Amolapatty
  • Milanpur Park
  • Bohagi Uddyan

In addition to the above, there are about 40 numbers of roadside green spaces which are under the management of the Board.

13. Establishment of Public and Community Toilets –

Nagaon Municipal Board has also established and manages a number of public and community toilets for the benefit of the people.

14. Issue of NOC -

Nagaon Municipal Board being the designated Urban Local Body (ULB) for Nagaon town undertakes to provide No Objection Certificate (NOC) that is a requirement for performing of for various government, legal and administrative activities. The Board presently provides NOCs with respect to the following -

  • Land Sale
  • Building Construction
  • Other purposes such as holding Mela
  • Household electricity connection

For obtaining any NOC, citizens may apply online by registering themselves on the concerned section of the portal, filling up the online application form and depositing the required fees on the payment portal. Citizens may also visit the office of the Nagaon Municipal Board, Nagaon for applying for NOCs in offline mode.

15. Assessment of Houses –

All houses falling under the jurisdiction of the Nagaon Municipal Board has to compulsorily get their houses assessed by the Board and pay the property tax in respect of their holdings. Nagaon Municipal Board has been instrumental in carrying out the necessary assessment of the houses falling in different wards under it. Re-assessment of houses are to be done every 5 years and all new constructions undertaken has to be compulsorily reported to the office of the Board and any revision in assessment made.

16. Issue & Renewal of Trade License –

Nagaon being a hub centre of business, various trading and business activities are evident in this happening town. Issue of Trade License therefore assumes great importance to check trade activities’ compliance with legal, health and public safety concerns. All traders opening shops and commercial offices have to compulsorily apply and obtain a Trade License from the Board before any trading or business activity may be undertaken. Trade licenses are also to be renewed every year in the month of April at the beginning of the current financial year. For applying / renewal for Trade Licenses one may visit the respective section of this online portal, register themselves and apply online against deposit of online fees. Alternatively one may visit the office of the Board for making the application / renewal.