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From the desk of The Chairman

I on behalf of the Nagaon Municipal Board welcome you all to the new decade of Nagaon Municipal Board. As the Information Technology(IT) is apprehend as an effective tool in catalyzing the administrative activity in efficient governance. Therefore Nagaon Municipal Board has integrated this effective tool with the development process and thereby providing the benefit to the citizens of NAGAON.

Nagaon Municipal Board, the local self Government in Nagaon will be transparent to the people with respect to its roles, functions, plans and activities. I hope such kind of transparency will act as a ladder towards the better relationships and bonding to its people. People will come to know the policies and practices of the Board. Apart from keeping the people informed and aware, it acts as two way communication. People can write their feedbacks and opinion to the Board.

I hope that this website will be the useful application/tool to the people of NAGAON to know the local authority better and for their valuable suggestions.

Thanking You,

Diganta Das
Nagaon Municipal Board

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